A Little About Me…

I have always enjoyed making things beautiful; whether that be my home, someone else’s home, a retail space, or even the stage.Even if I had gotten my home to a place where I was happy, I’d beg friends to let me do their closets! It became a small side business that I loved.

At the time I was responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining the visual sensory experience in a large retail space. The position for a long time satisfied my need for visual creativity as well as creating organization systems.

After spending almost a decade in corporate merchandising, I was feeling the need to pursue my side business in a full-time way.

I have a passion for every project that I take on and the final wow-factor moment is an incredible motivator for me. I love collaborating with clients to ensure that their ideal outcome is achieved; weaving our opinions and ideas together to create a unique and customized final project.

When I’m not working – I’m spending time with my Fiancee and our three kitties. I am a big crafter and especially enjoy painting pottery, coloring, candle making, and sewing. I am a stay-at-home-club enthusiast, but I also enjoy exploring new places. I am a lover of all foods – trying new restaurants and new delicacies is always a thrill!


Yes, I organize my home for fun all the time. I actually really like testing out new strategies, solutions, and products on myself first.

My perfect date is a trip to a Natural History museum to see a dinosaur exhibit. I LOVE learning as much as possible about dinosaurs.

I am getting married this year to my best friend! We will have been dating for 10 yrs on our wedding day. We met in Cincinnati (his hometown) and after 4 yrs. moved together to Memphis (my hometown).

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