This office project involved a multi-step installation. The room originally was the client’s den, so all of that furniture (save for a rug, green chair, ottoman, and small lamp) had to leave. The room got a fresh coat of paint as well. A grandmother clock and bronze statue were taken from other areas of the home and added in along with a brand new desk and two storage cabinets.

A huge piece to this project was the professional organization services. The office was originally located in a finished portion of the attic. All paperwork was gone through and organized into categories. The client went through categories and got rid of anything that was not necessary to keep, then all categories were organized. We utilized the hanging file drawer in the desk for important paperwork and used the new storage cabinets to house labeled bins. Beautiful and everything has a place!

This office is a representation of the client’s incredible career in the medical field, so this needed to be reflected in the design.

Antique medical pieces (vintage doctors bag, antique medicine bottles, and her stethoscope) were added to highlight the importance of medical history to her career.

To soften these artifacts and the office altogether, pink was chosen as an accent color to bring lightness and wimsy to a more serious room.

We took advantage of this room’s incredible lighting to bring in some plants. Not only does this intensify our color story, but it adds life and serenity to a space devoted to paperwork.

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